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Benedetto news blog

"From building guitars, repairing them
and playing them,
this guy is the REAL Guitar Hero."
Testimonial from the dy-sphoric blog

"I would just like to thank you for the amazing work on my Gibson ES-335.
I am just blown away. You were right, after you worked on it,
it is a new guitar with the amazing tone and balance only it's 35 years could have.
I am very greatful for your expertise in bringing that back
and your patience with me. I really thought it was a lost cause.
I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the feel and sound of it.
With your quick work, 35 years faded and bam! a new guitar.
Thank you so much. I can not tell you how good it feels to play this old friend of mine again."

Testimonial from Marc Reed

"Walt is a true craftsman. He does the work in a timely and craftsmanship like manner.
His prices are very reasonable and he is very dependable.
He has worked on a few of my vintage guitars and also on my work axes.
I’m a professional musician who works regularly. I depend on him to keep my guitars
and basses in perfect working order. He does a fantastic job and I recommend him without reservation.”

Testimonial from 'Philly' George Petersen, The Unforgiven

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